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Banking platform in Raiffeisen Bank

Innovative BankingOnline solution that meets the requirements of modern banking and marketing


Achieve client's needs

Raiffeisen Bank has been looking for a modern solution with an intuitive user interface that will enable access to the new types of devices. The implemented iBanking solution represents an innovative, intuitive and interactive banking portal, based on the latest IT solutions, able to fully adapt to the requirements of business clients and individuals.


New Frontier Innovation has implemented iBanking product in the Raiffeisen Bank in the field of corporate and retail as well as the systems for mobile banking. This product brings the Raiffeisen Bank the freedom to independently customize the application. The system represents the financial portal that allows the bank to manage and integrate marketing department activities in order to improve the sale of banking services. iBanking system uses analytics that provides Raiffeisen Bank business view of the clients' structure at any time, securing prerequisites for further customization of its services.


Benefit for Raiffeisen Bank

iBanking provides several advantages. Here are just a few benefits of this client:

  • Intelligent content management
  • Interactive: provides two-way communication between the bank and its clients
  • Intuitive: one click payment, personal finance, ATM and branch locator etc.
  • Technologically superior: full support, multilanguage, advanced analytics modules, independent from browsers and operating systems, work with certificates etc.
  • Secure: protection of transactions is secured by advanced mechanisms


Voice of the Customer

„With functionally and visually advanced forms, two-way communications, multimedia... iBanking has evolved into an application with great potential. The application, with its flexible concept, offers a variety of service and capabilities that keep place with global trends. We expect our customers to experience the new application as a modern solution for their financial needs.

This solution appeared to be the most adoptable to our needs as a bank, in comparison to other solutions we considered, both in terms of an attractive solution for users, possibility to turn this application into the proper sales channel for our products, and in terms of future development of IT technologies and their implementation. With this concept and strategy of applications development, we do not expect at some point in the future to experience a situation where it would be necessary to completely change the application due to obsolescence."

Testimonial by Sasa Bilanovic, Acting Head of E-Channel Sales Department, Raiffeisen Bank