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Startup of the week: L'amie Direkt Austrians can hire an insurance by visiting a web address

​​​​​​Startup of the Week

We are constantly profiling innovative Start-Ups with great ideas for the digital economy.  Each week, we are going to present you the ones we find most exciting. We focus on their disruptive ideas, digital vision and business model. 

L'amie direkt:​​​ sleep better tonight knowing your house is insured

L'amie direkt is Austrian first online-only insurance company. The startup follows the current trend of easing contract generation and signature by means of digital technologies. Besides offering renters and house insurance, L'amie direkt keeps a blog with tips on how to act in cases of emergency, natural catastrophes​ and other insurance-due situations. 


Christian Pedak ​


L'a​mie direkt is Austrian first online only insurance firm. Besides offering insurance products, the startup also offers free of charge consultation for those who have been facing issues with their premium collection from other companies




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​Insurance in 2015 is done online and L'amie direkt is bringing the trend to Austria

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