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Startup of the Week: Wirate French startup wants to help other startups and entrepreneurs

​​​Startup of the Week

We are constantly profiling innovative Startups with great ideas for the digital economy.  Each week, we are going to present you the ones we find most exciting. We focus on their disruptive ideas, digital vision and business model.

Wirate: use the cloud to evaluate the chances of your startup succeeding

Learning early on what customers think about the products and services offered by your company is a decisive factor for success. Companies gain such insights by means of market research and direct feedback from customers. Processing this data often requires, in any case,  resources that aren’t readily available for smaller business. How can entrepreneurs verify the viability of their ideas and the financial prognosis of their startups?

Wirate, a just-found French startup, wishes to help entrepreneurs and startups to evaluate their chances of success by tapping at the cloud’s collective intelligence.Wirate users use a 5-star system to grade companies‘ products and services as well as the originality of their ideas. They can also express their opinion regarding the estimated chances of success of the startups.

Patrick Cantelli and Edouard Theron


Wirate offers entrepreneurs an online, easy-to-use and cost-effective way to complete a market research. The platform relies on voluntary participation and taps on the collective intelligence to evaluate business plans and strategies of freshly-founded start





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​What if you could get reliable feedback from potential customers before changing the offer of your startup? Wirate wants to help entrepreneurs to gain market insights

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