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Startup of the Week: Oocar The next generation of cars is already here


Startup of the Week​

We are constantly profiling innovative Start-Ups with great ideas for the digital economy.  Each week, we are going to present you the ones we find most exciting. We focus on their disruptive ideas, digital vision and business model. 

Oocar: smart cars for everyone of us

Are you excited about self-driving cars and connected smart objects? You need not wait anymore for your vehicle to be clever. Oocar wants to turn the average model into a smarter, more eco-friendly machine and, for that purpose, developed a special dongle and a mobile application.

The dongle is yet to be launched, but will be compatible with gasoline cars starting from 2001. Besides helping you to drive in an environmentally responsible way, it will also monitor your car's mechanisms and let you know via the app which kind of maintenance is due.


Philippe Chassany


A tiny dongle turns your average car model into the next generation of driving machines. The pairing of dongle and mobile application enables drivers to monitor their travels as well as the state of their cars' mechanics.




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​Oocar transforms regular cars into smart machines which can connect to the internet and notify owners about best driving styles and maintenance schedules

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