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Startup of the week: DueDil Investors use DueDil to collect information on the financial health of private companies

​​​​Startup of the Week

We are constantly profiling innovative Start-Ups with great ideas for the digital economy.  Each week, we are going to present you the ones we find most exciting. We focus on their disruptive ideas, digital vision and business model. 

DueDil:​​​ evaluating the financial health of private companies

DueDil is a powerful risk management tool. Designed to be a close ally to sales directors, marketing analyst​s, accountants and credit managers, DueDil scans through various sources for all publicly available information about privately companies. The result of the search offers DueDil's customers a bird's eye view of a company's financial health and progression. 

CEO and founder Damien Kimmelman told Business Insider that he initially had to convince investors about the legality of DueDil. Since the information gathered by the tool is publicly available elsewhere, there is no infringement: what DueDil offers is similar to what the news agency Bloomberg offers, just for privately owned companies.

Since its launch, DueDil has been praised by Financial Times, Wired and Forbes.​


Damien Kimmelman


DueDil expands information collection about financial health and progression of business to the realm of privately-owned companies




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​DueDil​ has been described as the "Bloomberg for private companies" by the Financial Times

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