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Startup of the week: Baningo The newest financial advisor listing comes from Vienna

​​Startup of the Week

We are constantly profiling innovative Startups with great ideas for the digital economy.  Each week, we are going to present you the ones we find most exciting. We focus on their disruptive ideas, digital vision and business model.

Baningo allows your most trusted financial advisor to remain with you independent of your current association to a bank

FinTech is the hottest area of app development right now. Multiple players are trying to revolutionize the way we negotiate, invest and manage our financial assets. Baningo is another one on this list. Differently from other FinTech startups, the Viennese Baningo does not replicate the complete bank offerings and services online. What Baningo offers is a financial advisor listing and the chance to carry your most trusted professional with you, independent of your affiliation to a bank.

​Trend Magazin chose Baningo as one of the 100 most promising startups from Austria.


Harald Meinl and ​​​​Maximilian Nedjelik


Baningo wants to create new interactions between customers and bank service providers. Instead of signing up to a particular bank branch, account holders using Baningo are allowed to "carry" their trusted financial advisors with them anytime they transfer the management of their financial assets between banks.




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You don't need to keep a bank account at the same bank branch just to get advice from your most trusted financial advisor

banking; big data; business model innovation; business model